Here’s a little bit about our family

I was born and raised in Texas and love it here!  I truly love everyone & that can get in the way of business sometimes but I love when someone comes to the shop and I get to visit for a quick minute.  I started my antique business when I was 19 years old and have so many amazing mentors in this business.  I enjoy the outdoors and the indoors (I consider that shopping!) and you can find me on the hunt, changing a diaper or volunteering at my church!

My husband was raised in Oregon and we don’t hold that against him.  He loves East Texas because the trees are taller than him and not what he calls “shrub brush”.  He plays basketball & is always looking for a open gym with good ball.  He is in technical sales, hence, everything in my store is labeled with a barcode.  He is literally the most amazing man on earth and is pulled in so many different directions but he loves all the directions and will give you his all when you have him! 

We have 4 amazingly crazy and fun kids!  Our oldest is the second mom of the family & she is our only girl.  We adopted her when she was 7 and now I can’t believe she is 12…….preteen all the way.  She loves reading, baking, crafting and occasionally sewing.  She is beautiful!

Our next is all boy, he is 11 and loves everything from sports to catching turtles in our pool (yes our pool, help please) and pulling leaches off of them so we can release them in our pond.  He is quick witted and ready to do ANYTHING! 

Our next is 8 years old and he has to keep up with his older brother but also keep his younger brother entertained.  He thinks of others in the sweetest way and is super compassionate.  He loves to be social and is friends with everyone!

Our youngest, well we love him dearly but maybe stay out of his way until he’s out of his 3 year old temper tantrum’s.  He sits at the dining table with us and plays his own version of card games that you better keep up with and know all “his” rules for the game.  Curious about everything and will tell you lots of stories.

We as a family love spending time together and of course time with extended family and friends!  Everyone helps me in this business either by helping unload or load the truck or tagging merchandise or sweeping the leaves from the Marketplace.  Our family thanks you for your friendship and for your support and love of junk!!!!