About Us



Antiques hold stories, often about where they’ve been, the memories they’ve witnessed and about the people who made and owned them.  They were not made by machines but by the hard working hand. 

The Mistress of Junk Marketplace is located inside the World’s Largest Flea Market on Rows 2 & 3 just inside the “Main” entrance on the south end of the area close to the center of town.  The Marketplace is ALWAYS open the weekend before the first Monday of every month.  Stroll through to find amazing one-of-a-kind finds displayed in exceptionally unique ways.  You can peruse and find vintage jewelry, stunning antique furniture, great women’s clothing, repurposed & refined vintage items.  It is a collection appealing to diverse styles & ages, there is something for everyone.  From French Country to Industrial, Modern to Shabby Chic, Art Deco to Classics, Primitive to Contemporary and everything in between. 

This Mistress has been in the business for over 25 years and has collected some fascinating items.  The Mister is amazing and helpful in all aspects of family & home life but also in this business.  They have 4 fun kids that sometimes you can find playing hide and seek within the shop, using buffet cabinets to hold tight…or they can be seen from time to time holding hands getting Judd’s BBQ for lunch or an amazing pretzel snack.

The Dream Team inside the Marketplace is ready & always willing to help our customers find the perfect fit for what you are looking for, so make sure to tell them hi.  And we look forward to meeting you soon!